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Tucked away on 100 acres in the piney woods of Montgomery, Texas, Camp Lantern Creek is a unique girls sleep away summer camp that was created so girls can create their art, find their voice, try new skills, be cheered on whether they succeed or fail, get dirty, push boundaries, love nature and so much more. We encourage our girls to try new things and help develop their self esteem, confidence and leadership skills. All while building lasting friendships.
retreats and events
The Camp Lantern Creek retreat center provides visitors with a unique and personal Texas location to host private events, retreats, weddings, and family camp weekends. The camp site offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views on 100 acres of the beautiful Texas Piney Woods. We specialize in corporate team building retreats, family reunion camps, rustic Texas weddings, public school groups, homeschool groups, and creative arts camp for women. Plan your Camp Lantern Creek retreat today!
our staff
You might be a CLC counselor if....You LOVE kids!

Camp Lantern Creek counselors are the best of the best when it comes to female role models. Our staff is fun, caring, independent, compassionate, and patient. Working as a collaborative team with our counselors, we empower our staff to teach and care for children in a fun and nurturing environment.

June 17 - June 29, 2018 | 2 week session

July 1 - July 13, 2018 | 2 week session

July 15 - July 22, 2018 | 1 week session

March 2-4, 2018 | "For Her"

Houston | Feb 4th | 2-4pm
2nd Cup Coffeehouse
1111 E. 11th St. (Heights)

Houston | Feb 11th | 2-4pm
Bellaire Rec Center
7001 5th St. Bellaire

Austin | January 28 | 12-2pm
Austin Rec Center
1305 Shoal Creek

Austin Camp Fair | Palmer Events Center
January 20, 2018

top 7 reasons to come to CLC
For more videos about Camp Lanter Creek, visit our YouTube channel.
"My daughter had the honor of being a part of CLC's inaugural summer. She is a seasoned camper, but this was her first time to attend an all-girl camp with activities suited to her performing arts interests. I had no doubt that she would have a great camp experience, but I was not prepared for the positive, self-assured young woman that returned home. Michaela truly blossomed in the environment that CLC provided. Her first comment to me after Closing Day was OMG! I love you!! Thank you for making it possible for me to go to CLC! Her eyes are still shining bright with her Camp Lantern Creek memories and friends. As a parent, I could not have asked for a better camp experience for my beautiful daughter." - Ms. Hensley