Our Mission

At Camp Lantern Creek, our mission is to focus each girl helping her to find her voice, discover her path, learn new life skills, build emotional strength all while building life long friendships through the sisterhood with their fellow campers. In this summer home away from home, we create a magical environment where girls learn to try new things, take risks, celebrate both new achievements and great tries. This unique experience builds friendships and new found confidence that campers take with them back home to bolster them for the rest of the year.

June 17 - June 29, 2018 | 2 week session | $2400

July 1 - July 13, 2018 | 2 week session | $2400

July 15 - July 22, 2018 | 1 week session | $1400

At Lantern Creek, a summer camp for girls ages 7-17 in Montgomery (just west of Conroe), we have thrown out the traditional rules for what summer camp should be and developed unexpected, wide-ranging activities with a common theme: fostering creative thinking and self-confidence in girls.

In addition to our performing and visual arts program, Lantern Creek has a four-year leadership program designed to enhance decision-making skills, grow confidence and build college (and life) readiness. This program is called LITes, standing for Leaders In Training, and will begin when the camper is a rising 9th grader at the Spark level, through 12th grade as a Blaze.

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Camp Themes
Every year at CLC we have an overall theme for summer camp. You can see here some of the themes that have we have focused on in past years at summer camp.

This past year has shown us that speaking up is important and can make a difference. CLC also recognizes that for some girls, even asking a question can make us uneasy. So this year, we are focused on teaching girls and young women to "Speak Up" for what you believe in, for more information or to promote yourself! Its a skill that makes girls stronger and that's what Camp Lantern Creek does best! We proudly introduce the theme of Summer 2017......
Camp Themes
Camp Themes
"My daughter went to camp here last year. The experience she had was so incredible. The counselors to the directors are very sharp and nice people. It is not too far from home and very new and clean. I am guessing this camp is less than five years old but the construction and thought process behind the layout is wonderful. They have a huge slide that goes into the lake. They have a theatrical theater, new, clean, very nice cabins that have AC. They keep out fresh fruit as snacks, and my daughter being a vegetarian had no problem at all. The leaders of this camp base everything (from what I can tell) about developing your daughter into a strong independent person. They stress the great women in history and the impact they made on our lives. They lead your child into coming home full of confidence and pride in the things they accomplished with out your help. My daughter did one week last year but it will be two this year. This camp made a huge impression on her life and I am excited to see how she grows in the next session this summer. This is a very nice safe and protected place for you child. I often look at the picture on her wall hanging out in front of her cabin,messing around with her friends, having the time of her life." - Sincerely, Papa Bear. - yelp review 10/2015